the ALMIGHTY of the digital age...

We have many products & services to get the most out of your omnipotent & omnipresent smart phone. 

Make the most out of the OMNIPRESENT-OMNIPOTENT smart phone

To empower you, to take you closer to the new almighty, we have many software products & services..

MD's Wisecat for businesses

Wisecare for hospitals

SchoolEmanager for schools

JohnnysApp & MothersApp for personal digitization

TourismPundit a software for resorts & hotels

LeadsTOdollars a CRM for SOHOs & SMEs

Club memberships and management including web managed remotely handled secure digitised elections

Order management for the smallest of retailers...

Productivity monitoring for handling projects


the domain cellMIGHTY.com is available for sale... 

Other domains for sale include:





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